Ornamental · 2016

group exhibition  ·  Kunstquartier Bethanien  ·  Berlin


group exhibition  ·  curated by Jörg Hasheider
Kunstquartier Bethanien  ·  Berlin  ·  29 – 31 July 2016


The ornament is celebrating a comeback – taunted as surplus decoration for a long time, it increasingly is in the focus of architecture, interior design and visual arts again.

The exhibition showcased a selection of 9 contemporary positions, that work with the artistic attributes of the ornamental – repetition, rhythm, recursiveness, simplification – and refer to the transcendent and regulative quality of ornamentation.

The range of works included the exploration and processing of historical formats as well as digital codes. The media of the partly installative and wall-filling works were painting, underglaze painting, various printing techniques, cut-out, video and drawing.

website of the exhibition ornamental.


shown works by Dana Widawski:

Self Made   ·  2008
Putin with his confessor Tichon   ·  2008
Kill Animals  ·  2008
Die Diebische Elster [Thieving Magpie]  ·  2013

Geh doch  ·  2016