Business Break at Sumida River · 2010

6-part paravent with traditional Kimono pattern and Pokemons
stencil painting, acrylic on canvas, laminated wood  ·  375 x 166 cm

BUSINESS BREAK AT SUMIDA RIVER (front side)  ·  2010
BUSINESS BREAK AT SUMIDA RIVER  ·  2010  ·  detail (Kimono pattern with Pokemon characters)

Under the impression of my stay in Japan, I created a screen that seems to unite traditional and modern Japan on the visual level, but on the symbolic level points to the explosive nature of this society:

Uniform Japanese 'businessmen' use it to enjoy their favourite lunchtime pastime - Nintendo games, against a background of traditional kimono patterns in which three "Pokemon" figures repeatedly appear. The characters on the cards of this world's most successful 'children's game' made in Japan are drawn from a fantasy world that draws randomly from Asian myths. The three chosen by me (Pikachu, Raichu and Kyogre) stand for destructive forces that - once unleashed - could destroy the entire world - a symbol of the global crisis of the idea of unlimited growth that has now reached all postmodern societies of western style.

from the catalog text: Ornament & Crime, Anna Stern 2011