power of attraction · 2010

video animation  ·  4'26''  ·  HD projection


Kraft der Anziehung [power of attraction]


The base motive of this animation was the pattern «Brother Rabbit» (1882) by William Morris.

The Tree of Life is one of the most common base motives in ornaments of preceding cultural eras. It stands for growth, death and renewal and thus for immortality. The Tree of Life is in William Morris’ design  «Brother Rabbit» the framing motive as well. In this pattern we find additionally the symbol of fertility, the rabbit and symbol for the conquest of all physical limits: the bird. While considering all these symbols it stands to reason that the pairwise upcoming animals in the pattern will indeed approach each other out of their rigid ordinance. The birds coquet and rejioce in togetherness, and the rabbits are doing what they're not able to stop.