Spring Awakening · 2012

video animation  ·  2'50''  ·  HD projection



Animation for the room installation  Link:intern»Frühlingserwachen« [Spring Awakening] in the exhibition  Link:intern»Arts & Morris«
Gallery Gilla Lörcher Contemporary Art  ·  Berlin  ·  28 January – 16 March 2012


The base motive of this animation has been the pattern »Bird and Anemone« (1881) by William Morris.

William Morris was not only the founder of the Arts and Crafts-movement, a poet and visionary, but also a comitted environmentalist. It has been unintelligible for him that people were able to get enthusiastic about the beauty of a painted landscape, but unconcerned about the destruction of the real one. In the animation «Spring Awakening» it is shown an analogy to computer games as the  «grouse shooting» in which the initial enjoyment of the bird's action shifts into consternation about the automatism of their hosing.