Tribute to Beethoven · 2020

Figures de Décoration No. 8  ·  6 part, each 10,5 x 30,0 x 10,5 cm
Group of sculptures for the Beethoven-year 2020

Porcelain busts on a handmade and glazed ceramic console,
all consoles with barrel organ (each with the same melody: «For Elise» by Ludwig van Beethoven)
Porcelain busts: applied with a ceramic eye-beam and painted over with porcelain cold colours, gilded with 24 carat gold leaf

ELISE, SHUT UP! HD - 9:15 minutes
A video project by Dana Widawski
with a composition by  Link:internAndreas F. Staffel
for the Beethoven Year 2020

A pianist and hands on six miniature barrel organs with Beethoven's melody 'For Elise' - copied to the point of weariness - fight a duel. The barrel organs are placed in consoles, each of which bears anonymous busts of famous composers. Beethoven himself can only be heard in this ensemble. In 6 variations, his commercialized bagatelle is lovingly caressed, twisted, chopped up and gently buried, both analog and digital. The video project 'Elise, shut up!' is a dialogue between Dana Widawski's sounding sculptures and Andreas F. Staffel's composition, which can be seen and heard.

Still image video sequence "Elise, shut up!
Please send me an email if you want to watch the video.
(video: HD 9:15 minutes)

Dana Widawski: Creative director, concept, Camera, sound editing
 Link:internAndreas F. Staffel: Composition and piano recording, sound editing
Anja Widawski: Live recording of the barrel organs
Frank Bertram: Camera, video editing